What Is Lead Nurturing, and Why Is It So Important Before Your Online Course Launch?

Lead nurturing isn’t just important in your business—it’s absolutely essential. As you shift your expertise to an online course model, taking the time to nurture your leads makes a world of difference in the results you’ll see. 

Whether you’re just getting started with an online business model, or you’re a pro who’s looking to build deeper relationships with your audience, lead nurturing matters. 

What Is Lead Nurturing, and Why Is It So Important Before Your Online Course Launch? | Destinee Berman

What Is Lead Nurturing? 

Lead nurturing is all about showing up, offering value, and creating true connections with your audience. One of the biggest mistakes I see experts and entrepreneurs alike make is not showing up consistently. 

Taking the time to consistently nurture your audience is super important. It completely revolutionizes the way you connect with your potential students! 

And when you’ve nurtured your leads, they’re primed to enroll in your courses, sign up for your offerings, and become raving fans for your business. To successfully launch your next online course, you need to focus on lead nurturing. 

3 Lead Nurturing Formats You Should Implement Before Your Next Course Launch

Now that we know what lead nurturing is, let’s dive in and explore the 3 lead nurturing formats you should implement prior to your next launch. These three steps will help you build essential relationships and experience success in your next launch!

Video Lead Nurturing

First, let’s talk about video lead nurturing. Video as a format for nurturing your leads is incredibly effective. Even micro-videos (which are around five minutes long) are powerful connection tools! 

Part of why video is so impactful is that you can get super creative. You’ll be able to speak directly to (with visuals) your audience about the challenges they’re facing (and your solutions). 

By delivering valuable content through video, you’re creating connections. Plus, video can be repurposed and leveraged in multiple ways, which is a win-win! 

Here are the steps you should take to effectively repurpose your video nurture content: 

  • Send out a weekly email encouraging people to watch your lead nurturing videos
  • Post the video on every platform that you’re on, such as a Facebook Page, Facebook Group, YouTube Channel, or IGTV
  • Run paid ads with your prerecorded nurture videos

Video is also super powerful because it allows people to get to know you very quickly. They’ll get a sense of who you are, which builds that essential trust factor faster than any other lead nurturing format. 

Pro-tip for your videos: always caption them! There are a few reasons for this. First, most (over 50% of) people watch videos without sound, so captions keep them in the loop. Second, you’re able to connect with a larger, more inclusive audience, including deaf and hard-of-hearing users. 

Written Content

The next layer of lead nurturing is written content, like a blog. Written content is super easy to digest and can be read by your audience pretty much anywhere and anytime.

With written content, you’ll also have a nice, simple opportunity to show up in search results. And that’s exactly how you get that essential organic traffic to your website!

But on blogs, people get less of a sense of who YOU are because they aren’t seeing you, hearing you, or engaging with you. That’s why I recommend starting out with producing videos, then turning your videos into blog posts. 

But if you’re super uncomfortable with video, reverse that pattern! Write out your blog posts and use them as scripts for your videos (just remember to add your personality in when you hit record). 

Just like with the video lead nurturing content, you’ll want to leverage the written content you produce. Send a weekly email driving people to your blog, post about it on social media, and make sure it’s enticing and easy to find on your website. Optimize your content for SEO (search engine optimization), too, so that you get that amazing organic traffic! 

Email Marketing

Our third lead nurturing strategy is the easiest to set up, and that’s creating nurture content directly inside your emails. 

I highly recommend creating video content and written content, too. But emails can be a good place to start, especially if this whole world of marketing is new to you!

Instead of using your emails to drive traffic to content, the content is right within the email itself. There are definitely cons to this, but it is a good starting point if the thought of crafting all this content is just too overwhelming! Begin with lead nurturing in your emails and weave in the other types of content (like videos and blogs) later on. 

Why Is Lead Nurturing Important?

Wait—why is lead nurturing so important, anyway? Nurturing your leads is truly the key to a higher return on investment (ROI). As you build your list of leads in your ideal audience, you’re spending valuable time and money acquiring leads. You have to nurture those leads through consistent, ongoing relationship building so that they don’t forget about you! 

If someone’s on your email list or following along on social, they’re interested in what you have to offer. The key to driving conversions through the roof is to always be nurturing your leads! Maintain those valuable connections and stay visible for your audience by consistently showing up and offering value. 

Lead nurturing genuinely primes your audience to take the leap and invest in what you have to offer. Especially as you head into a launch period for your course, connections matter. 

Your ideal audience is waiting for you to build and prioritize those relationships by offering them true value!

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