In the past six years, I’ve helped my clients dream bigger and using my techniques, generated over 17M in revenue from course launches (and growing)! 

You CAN: 

‣ learn how to reach the right audience, limitlessly 
‣ find confidence to move from offline to online and shift successfully 
‣ triple your impact and add revenue streams to your business 

But don’t take my word for it, listen to what my clients and students have to say...

You’re ready to make the shift. 


Director: Mexican Institute for Mindfulness


Embodiment & Intimacy Coach


Women's Soul Work Mentor


Yoga Instructor & Thai Massage Therapist


Psychologist and Yoga Teacher


Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher


Meditation Expert and Studio Owner


20 Year Studio Owner and Creator of Kundalini Awakening Yoga



Advisor for enlightened living

yoga & pilates teacher, teacher trainer


Yoga Teacher + Therapist

Looking to shift your business model online?

“After working offline for 4 years, today’s live call is the first time I’ve felt so confident in creating my own course. Now, I know I’m in the right place! This has been a HUGE shift. Thank you!”


“Thanks to Destinee and her team, I generated more revenue in Q1 2019 than I did ALL of 2018!”


“Destinee and her team are totally loving and supportive and the program is over-the-top AMAZING! I’ve done a lot of courses and classes to get my holistic business online, and this program was The One that turned it into a reality. After implementing Destinee’s guidance, I grew my launch by 44%.”


“Working with Destinee was an amazing journey — she helped me map out exactly how to reach my goals, realize my potential and provided exceptional support throughout my entire launch, exceeding all of my expectations! Thanks to Destinee and her team: our launch results doubled and we generated $112,000 in 14 days.”


“After working with Destinee on several launches, I can say it has made a huge difference to have a supportive team, with eagle-vision by my side, guiding the way. Between the 1:1 support, launch maps, copywriting revisions, and design feedback I feel unstoppable in my business. Most of all she’s helped me to believe that a 3x or even 5x to my current income is not only possible, it’s happening.”


“Destinee and her entire team care deeply about every student's progress. This is clear from the support offered to every practitioner, no matter what stage in the process they are at. Whether you are considering which of your strengths to build a class around, or you joined after your class is already launched, you will find a good deal of information to help you effectively share your spiritual work with the world. ”


“Working with Destinee has given me the confidence, focus and skills to move forward and launch my online programme next Autumn. Since I started with Destinee, I have acquired new paying clients, earned back my investment and created a budget to invest in my future launch.”


“I have successfully launched my program three times in 18 months, and I’m blown away! This course has helped me leverage my time and skills in a way that gives me more freedom and increased income.”


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