Now more than ever, it’s time to carve your online work path. A path that will enable you to become part of the modern creator economy, using your specialized knowledge, expertise and innate abilities as the catalyst for your future.

It’s time for you to move past the mindsets and emotional blocks that keep you stuck, and move into the process and state of mind that supports you in feeling energetically aligned with your calling. My launch process to make this shift and catapult you towards your dreams and success will help you along the path. 

Working with my launch framework, you’ll learn to pull out your gifts and identify your unique specialty. Once you can articulate your passion, skill and causes, we’ll create a plan to help you create a plan to monetize your specialty. 

Are you ready to shift course? 

For 15 years I worked in Silicon Valley leading large scale marketing campaigns before making the shift to digital entrepreneurship. 

Through my experience, I learned that by identifying a brand’s specialty and connecting that with the needs of their audience, millions of dollars in revenue can be generated online. 

I’m the partner who helps you think bigger in order to catapult you into the success you seek. Being successful online doesn’t mean you have to be or look like everyone else. Yes, you’ll still work hard but that hard work will pay off in that you’ll reach a ton more people (and make more money in the process)! 

My clients call me the “launch midwife”. Why? Because I’m good at holding your vision so you can birth it into the world. I help you have the confidence to realize your goals and ambitions. Together we will ground what’s visible and bring into being. You may not yet feel ready, and that’s ok.

The online business world is at a turning point. Digital education is being reinvented. You’re standing at the intersection of a passion economy and a digital education boom. 

It’s YOUR moment. 

One of my super powers is monetizing your dreams. 

Grab the only blueprint you need to launch a course that sells. 

This simple and easy FREE plan will bring powerful results to your next online course launch.

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Lack of action is offensive to me.

I want you to catapult to your destiny and I will show you how!


Stagnancy is not an option.



Here are some things you should know about me: 

Here’s what I believe: 

It is possible for you to carve out your own path online. Right now the possibilities are limitless and when you make the shift you can begin your journey to be a known entity and influencer in your specialty and expertise. 

I’m known for helping people marry the intersection of what they’re here to do and actually doing it. 

I’m here when you’re ready.

Destiny Awaits.


Destinee Berman is a seven-figure launch strategist who specializes in working with offline business owners, entrepreneurs, experts and educators. Her clients benefit from her innovative and modern approach to marketing as well as her 15 years of prior experience running large scale marketing campaigns in Silicon Valley for brands like Twitter, HP and Microsoft. In the past six years, Destinee’s clients have used her techniques to generate more than $17M from launches. Through her courses, she has taught hundreds of students in 23 countries across the globe. Destinee’s expertise has been featured in media outlets including Business Insider, Forbes, Greatist, Digital Marketer and more. She is also the host of the podcast, Make The Shift. She lives in San Francisco, California, with her husband and young son.

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