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what my clients say

What my clients say

  • “Destinee Berman is an absolute megawatt superstar. And not to sound cliché… but she has absolutely helped me manifest my Soul’s destiny. I’d been wanting to launch an online meditation course, and I literally prayed for someone to help show me the way. At the time, I didn’t know how to run a webinar – much less an online course. And I definitely had no idea how to LAUNCH an online course! But that’s all changed… With Destinee’s support, I’ve enrolled thousands of students from around the world in my free webinars and paid trainings over the past couple of years. Destinee’s #1 greatest skill is that she pushes me to step out of my comfort zone and do things BEFORE I feel ready. She’s super generous with her advice and invaluable strategy, and I’m so grateful our paths crossed. It was, well… destiny!”

    Ashley Turner

    M.A., MFTI Licensed Psychotherapist Founder of Yoga Psychology Co-Founder Urban Priestess
  • “Destinee is the best launch manager on the planet. She’s smart, spiritual and has a true gift for helping you crystallize your vision and share it with the world in a big way. We love her!”

    Colette Baron-Reid

    #1 Bestselling Author Entrepreneur Founder of Oracle School
  • “I am so grateful for Destinee’s impeccable support in growing our online Academy. She has the capacity to hold the big vision (even when I haven’t been able to see it myself) and to guide and hold my hand through every step. She makes what feels impossible not only possible… but reality! Her generous spirit and authentic desire to serve is inspiring.”

    Dayna Seraye

    Director, Hanuman Academy + Festival
  • “Destinee Berman helped me FINALLY get my online projects off the ground. Teaching online had been a goal of mine for a long time – as I have students worldwide that I love to stay connected with, and I wanted to broaden the reach of my teachings. But it felt overwhelming trying to stay on top of the technology and strategy would require. Destinee really breaks it down for you and makes it feel simple… so you can stay focused on your purpose. She’s unbelievable!”

    Gloria Latham

    Global Kundalini Yoga Teacher Founder of Semperviva Yoga Lululemon Global Ambassador
  • “I had been teaching for a long time, I just didn’t know how to get to the next level. I’d never even considered bringing my business online. Since working with Destinee, I’ve more than tripled my business and reach. She held my hand and helped me through it.”

    Debra Silverman

    Renowned Astrologer Psychotherapist Writer
  • "Destinee has the online mastery of a 1008-armed Durga! She wields the most effective skills to accomplish your vision for an online program. She is smart, savvy and accomplished on every level of what it requires to launch a successful offering into the modern world. And most of all, she is a Bright Spirit with a Joyful Heart! Plus she knows how to follow through and get the job done! Jai Durga Destinee!"

    Sianna Sherman

    Founder of Rasa Yoga, Rasa Yoga TT Online Innovator of Mythic Yoga Flow Online Co-Founder of Urban Priestess Mystery School and 13-Moon Online
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