How to Successfully Build an Abundance Mindset (Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes!)

Almost every successful professional struggles with imposter syndrome (or feeling like you aren’t good enough) at some point or another. Especially as you start to change your life and business by shifting your expertise online, self-doubt tends to creep in. This is normal…but working to build an abundance mindset will help you overcome that self-doubt! 

An abundance mindset helps us develop and maintain our confidence levels, which is totally essential when you hope to successfully launch an online course. Honestly? So much of our entrepreneurial journeys come down to day-to-day confidence. 

But we all get blocked at times by insecurities and self-doubt, whether that’s consciously or subconsciously. Self-doubt and a scarcity mindset can be paralyzing no matter how successful you are! 

When you build an abundance mindset, you’ll start to overcome all of those confidence challenges right now. 

How to Successfully Build an Abundance Mindset (Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes!) | Destinee Berman

What Is An Abundance Mindset? 

An abundance mindset means that you see the world as full of opportunity and possibility. Instead of feeling like helping others succeed takes away from your chance to succeed, you feel like there’s plenty of success to go around for everyone. 

Shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset isn’t always easy, but it’s so worth it. 

When we make the switch and feel like there’s plenty for everyone, we start to overcome feelings of self-doubt and feel more confident overall. And that lets you find success more easily in your business! 

Why Is Building An Abundance Mindset Important? 

An abundance mindset really is the key to building confidence. But why is maintaining your confidence so important to building a successful business? 

Have you ever wished that you had more confidence in pursuing your dreams and visions, no matter how crazy they seemed? When you have confidence, you know how to make and execute a plan. And even if you’re already an expert in your area of expertise, shifting your business into the online space is a whole different ball game. Being confident about that transition is crucial!

In order to carve out your unique entrepreneurial path online, you need to have the confidence to make a plan and actually take action to achieve your goals. 

To start building an abundance mindset, we need to surround ourselves with confident, positive people who have seen success. An abundance mindset is how we move forward instead of being paralyzed by fear! 

6 Mistakes To Avoid As You Work To Build An Abundance Mindset

We’re going to dive in and explore some of the biggest mindset mistakes you should avoid as you work to build an abundance mindset. 

Once you overcome these challenges, you’ll be able to navigate entrepreneurship in the online world with ease and find success without the dreaded self-doubt or imposter syndrome showing up. 

Mistake #1: Not Being Open To New Opportunities (& Believing In Yourself)

With an abundance mindset, you’ll see more: more opportunities, more choices, and more resources to help you toward success. When we actively decide that there’s more than enough out there for us and others, we start to see the world that way! 

That leads us to our first mindset mistake: believing that you can’t do it, or that there’s not enough opportunity out there for you to be successful. 

Instead, imagine what your business would be like if there was no limit on time or money. Think of what it would be like if you couldn’t fail. These types of visualizations will help open up your mind to lots of possibilities as you build an abundance mindset. 

Mistake #2: Not Understanding That Micro-Steps Are Incredibly Powerful

Confidence takes discipline and practice. And the more action we take, the more confidence we build. 

So often, we tend to think that only big milestones are worth celebrating or working toward. But micro-actions represent progress…and it’s much better to consistently practice micro-steps to build a confident abundance mindset. 

Whether you’re launching a new course or just establishing your new online business, you have to show up each and every day and take micro-actions toward success. This lets you build your confidence steadily and actively! 

Your results will build over time as you take small steps toward having an abundance mindset. 

Don’t only focus on a huge goal, like launching and hitting seven figures of revenue. Instead, think about consistent everyday actions. Are you nurturing your audience, building your email list, and providing valuable content every single day? 

Remember: those daily, small shifts add up to big results and long-term mindset shifts.  

What micro-shift can you implement today that will make a difference in your confidence level and help you create an abundance mindset? 

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Mistake #3: Being Unwilling To Make A Commitment

The next mistake that people often make in building an abundance mindset is being unable to make a commitment. In order to grow your confidence, you have to show up. But that takes a serious level of commitment! 

That commitment to show up each and every day not only requires work, but requires us to show up on bad days and days where imposter syndrome rears its head. We have to persevere…and when you do, it’s seriously going to show up in your sales. 

Be willing to commit! 

Mistake #4: Not Fully Owning Your Value

You have to be willing to fully own your value (and get out of your own way) as you build an abundance mindset. Focus on your purpose—this should serve as a lifeline when you’re struggling with self-doubt! 

Why did you want to do this? What life-changing experiences or moments led you to the work you feel called to do? Most entrepreneurs feel like they have a greater purpose than making money or being successful, and a deeper understanding of that purpose helps you feel like there’s more opportunity out there. 

From there, focus on the value you give to others. What transformations do you help create in others? When you see your own impact, you start to feel grounded and build an abundance mindset rooted in confidence. 

You’ll be able to develop courses and programs without being hindered by fear—you know for a fact that you help people in powerful ways. Focus on the results that you’ve helped yourself and others experience, and an abundance mindset will follow. 

Mistake #5: Being Afraid To Take Risks

When you’re building an abundance mindset, you can’t be afraid to take risks. Shifting your expertise to an online world can be scary, but the rewards are incredibly powerful. 

Instead of living in fear, live in curiosity. Don’t feel paralyzed by what could happen…get excited about it! When you’re curious, you’ll be surprised what amazing results you experience. 

Some of the best ideas and outcomes come from a place of curiosity—when we try something new and take a risk. To cultivate your abundance mindset, take steps toward living in a space of curiosity, not fear. 

Mistake #6: Not Celebrating Your Successes

We need to focus on only one success at a time. Don’t get caught up in only the biggest indicators of success—instead, celebrate each small milestone and accomplishment along the way. 

This helps you build an abundance mindset because you see opportunities for success everywhere (and you know that you have the ability to achieve your biggest dreams). 

When you work to create confidence as a daily practice, you’ll start to naturally build an abundance mindset. 

Avoiding these six mindset mistakes will fast-track you toward overcoming fear, anxiety, and self-doubt as an online entrepreneur. 

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