How Micro-Steps Can Lead to Big Results in Your Online Course Launch

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Have you ever heard that voice in the back of your mind saying you’re not cut out for this? I would venture to say that almost everyone has at one point or another. When we make changes in our life and business, self-doubt tends to creep in. That’s normal. It’s what you do about it that will set you apart from the rest. This is why developing and maintaining our confidence is so crucial when it comes to building a successful online course launch.  So much of your journey as an entrepreneur comes down to your confidence in the day-to-day.

The truth is, we all get blocked by self-doubt and insecurities, whether it is conscious or subconscious. It can paralyze us in any stage of our business. So, how do we overcome this feeling? By taking action. Confidence is a discipline and a practice, so the more action we take, the more confidence we build. It’s important that you are taking micro-actions each and every day whether you are just beginning your online course business or scaling to a new level of impact.

In this episode I share:

  • A personal story of how I learned that action leads to confidence and success 
  • Four principles to cultivate and develop confidence so you can go after your dreams
  • Why you need to own and celebrate your successes 
  • The 1% rule to follow in order to make long-term mindset shifts 
  • How I felt the first time I spoke live as my own personal brand
  • What to do if the idea of launching an online course is too overwhelming

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