How To Pick A Niche for Your Next Digital Offer

When you’re shifting your expertise to the online space, crafting the perfect offer starts with honing in on your niche. In order to create an offering that will resonate with your audience and generate revenue, you have to pick a niche first

But selecting a niche can be tricky, especially if you feel as though your expertise is multifaceted and runs deep. As you prepare for your first (or next) digital offer launch, think about the transformations you create and the needs you’ll fulfill with this offer. 

This will help you start to pick a niche…and since this is so foundational and important, it really does matter! 

How To Pick A Niche for Your Next Digital Offer | Destinee Berman

Why It’s Important To Pick A Niche That Fulfills A Need

The first thing you need to consider as you pick a niche is that your perfect digital offer should meet a need. That is—your offer isn’t just a “nice to have” item, it’s a must-have! 

So often, we have ideas about what we think people need in their lives. But if you can identify a true need for your specific audience, you’ll be able to niche down and hone in on solutions to specific problems. It’ll make your offer so much more compelling when you pick a niche! 

One really good example of this is the design of your website. Most of us want our business websites to be absolutely beautiful. But the main goal of a website is to capture email addresses and make sales! If you had to pick between a pretty website and a functional one, absolutely you should go for function. Because functionality fulfills a need

That’s what we should try to do with our digital offers. As you think about how you’ll pick a niche and strategize your offers, think about what will be so compelling for your audience that they’ll feel like they have to have it (now!). 

Your offerings should be grounded in value, core transformations, and outcomes. And those are the things you should focus on as you pick a niche, too!

You Can Use The 3 “E”s To Help You Pick A Niche

To help you pick a niche, I recommend using the 3 “E”s. This is something I originally learned from a coach of mine, and it’s really powerful. To pick a niche, you need to consider your expertise, your experiences, and the epiphanies you bring to the table. 

  • Based on all of your experience, what do you consider to be your most important subject matter expertise? 
  • From there, what life-changing experiences led you to this type of work? 
  • And finally, what epiphanies guided you to your life’s work? 

For most of us, the transformations we’re hoping to create for our students and clients are a combination of expertise, experiences, and epiphanies, too. That’s why, as you pick a niche, you need to know who you’re serving and what you’re going to help them achieve. 

Remember: we can’t always control people or timing in life. But we can control speaking to the right person with an offer that always seems to show up at just the right moment. 

And in the online business world, we can show up 24/7. And that means there’s always an opportunity to connect with your ideal audience in your niche. 

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How To Pick A Niche Successfully

Now, let’s dive into how to actually pick a niche. 

When we talk about your niche, we’re referring to what you want to be known for and the specific audience you serve. To pick a niche successfully, we have to start asking some questions about those two sides of the coin! 

Who Do You Want To Serve?

First, you need to define a specific audience group. It’s much easier to be successful when you start with one really clear, specific audience—you can always expand later on! Your audience is 100% inherently tied to the online offerings you create. 

To identify your audience, think about your best-fit students and clients, now and in the past. 

If you haven’t previously worked with any students or clients, think about who you feel called to serve. Who do you envision yourself helping?

Why Do You Consider Those People To Be Your Dream Clients?

This next question is absolutely essential. Why do you consider that group to be your dream clients or dream students? 

The qualities (and where those people are at in their lives or journeys) will give you clues about your ideal niche and who you hope to serve. As you work to pick a niche, getting to know the “why” of your ideal audience will help significantly!

Where Have You Found Success (and Easily Found Success) With Your Past Customers and Clients? 

On the same note, think about where you’ve easily found success with past clients and customers. 

Sometimes, as human beings, we tend to dismiss things when they feel easy. But guess what? 

When things are easy, it means it’s something you’re naturally strong at—and it means continued success is highly likely. As you pick a niche, you want to consider the work you want to be doing and how you want to feel about it! 

Who Do You Feel Called To Serve, and Why?

Who do you feel most called to serve and why? An audience is foundational to any business, but it’s particularly important as you work to pick a niche. 

Many times, we’re actually called to serve a past version of ourselves. We remember what life was like before we achieved success or experienced a particular transformation, and we want to help others get there. 

So consider this—what is the best version of yourself, and does that give you clues about your niche and the audience you hope to serve? 

Taking the time to pick a niche that’s specific and tailored to your goals will help you create huge success as you create and launch your next digital offer. 

These questions are incredibly helpful—do some journaling and reflection, and then start serving your ideal audience with a honed-in, niche-driven offer! 

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