Why Create An Online Pillar Of Your Offline Business?

Fact: You Were Made For More.

Seriously, you were made for more than just what you are currently doing.

You were made to make a larger impact.

You were made to touch more lives.

You were made to influence more people.

You were made to share your genius with more in your industry.
And, I know it may feel difficult even thinking about more right now. Because, right now, the idea of doing more than the workload currently on your plate feels as if it would send you so far past capacity. But I want to make this abundantly clear. I said you were made for more, not made to do more. You were made to contribute to your industry in a larger way, and receive more for all of your efforts. So…

How Can You Gain More Without Doing More?

First, you need to know that gaining more requires giving more. Now, notice that I use the word “giving” not “doing.” This is because, while doing more requires taking action on a daily basis, giving more simply requires you to make a larger investment.

The Perfect Example Of Giving More?

The perfect example of giving more to gain more, rather than doing more in hopes of your work eventually paying off? Investing your time, energy & resources into creating an automated online offer that can passively continue to monetize for you. 

And I know when you see this big term “automated online offer” it may seem intimidating. And it may feel like you are unsure of where to even start with tackling the creation of yours. 

Right now, you’re probably saying, “But Destinee, I’m not a teacher or coach. I run a business. What qualifies me to teach my genius while there are actual educators out there?” 

The truth? Being a business owner is your qualification.

Sure, you are not waking up every morning with a natural calling to educate others on your genius. But you do wake up every morning with a natural calling to put out fires and plant the seeds needed to grow your business. And that is something of incredible value. 

It is something that is so priceless to so many. Something that subject matter educators do not have. You are a business owner first. And that is your upper hand. Because, as a business owner, not only are you putting out fires and planting seeds. As a business owner, you have adapted to the point where you are continuously innovating on the solutions in order to put out fires. You have adapted to constantly being uncomfortable.

And In Order To Step Into More- You Must Do The Uncomfortable

In order to step into more, you have to do the uncomfortable. And for so many of us, that means first hanging up the limiting belief of not being an educator. Then, stepping into a whole new world of the online space after climbing the real-world ladder offline.

Stepping into new territory. 

Stepping into unknown situations. 

Stepping into a learning curve.

But also, stepping into a massive amount of new opportunities that come with owning your genius online. 

Do you know someone who needs to step into the online space? If “yes” share this blog with them.

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