Why Celebrating Small Successes Is A Non-Negotiable

The thing that will keep you determined to continue to show up for whatever you are currently building?

Keeping track of & celebrating your bite-sized successes.

From my 15+ years of working with extremely ambitious individuals (and also being one myself) one of the most common sentences I’ve heard is, “Once (fill in the blank) happens, then I’ll (be happy, consider myself successful, etc.)”

I used to fall into the trap of saying “if, then” and “once, then” so often. But somewhere along the way of saying those two phases, you take a short minute to look up. And when you look up, two specific realizations occur. 

First, you realize that you have come such a long way. You remember when having what you currently have or being where you currently are was a dream you only wished to achieve. And with that, you have this moment of thinking, “I should be more thankful that I’ve made it this far. Even though it doesn’t always feel like it, I really have come a long way.”

Then, after having the realization of gratitude, you have the realization that there really is no massive feeling of “I’ve made it!” after reaching a big milestone of success. That, so often, the accomplishment of one big thing is greeted with the saying, “Okay. On to the next one!” 

And both of these lead you to the conclusion…

Success happens in bite-sized pieces.

And more importantly…

You never reach the ultimate pinnacle of success. 

There is always the next challenge to face, the next offer to launch, the next ladder in your career to climb. So this is your reminder to celebrate the little successes along the way!

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