Top 3 Reasons To Create An Online Offer As An Offline Business Owner

I know what you may be thinking. “Destinee, I am not an educator. I don’t train people. I don’t hop on Zoom Calls and naturally present information with ease. Also, my business is centered around providing services for others, not teaching them how to do the services I provide. Why are you telling me to create an online offer?” 

Here’s the deal. Even if your revenue is driven by other offers, products or services, having an online offer is a non-negotiable in this day and age. 

And it’s not a non-negotiable because everyone else has one; meaning you have to have an online offer too. It’s not a non-negotiable because education is the next wave and you need to pivot your entire business in order to be successful. An online offer is a non-negotiable because it is an opportunity to unlock so much more for your business.

Even if you’re not an educator at heart, an online offer is a necessary pillar in business in today’s world. Why? What exactly does it do for your business?

An online offer develops your authority & relevance in the online space

Having an online offer where you are educating people on your speciality inside naturally develops the image of both you and your business as an authority figure within that speciality. And the more authority you develop, the more relevant you become in that speciality. And the more relevant you become in that specialty, the more you are viewed as a primary thought leader. 

So what does all of this authority & relevancy do for you? It increases your audience & paying clientele.

An online offer serves as another revenue stream

Having an online offer- serves as an additional revenue stream of your business. And if that online offer is an automated evergreen program, that means that the revenue coming from your offer is also passive revenue.

An online offer grows awareness for your business & other offers

Having an online offer not only attracts and educates potential clients that are potential clients for that offer. It also serves as an opportunity for those potential clients to learn more and develop awareness around all of your other offerings your business has. 

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