The Top Mistake Made When Crafting An Online Offer

The most common mistake people make when creating their online offers is offering too much to too many.

Too many solutions in one offer.

Too many steps to follow.

Too much information for the consumer to process. 

Too many “who’s this for” on the sales page.

Too many different uses for the offer.

Too many different audiences trying to be targeted. 

Now, let me tell you why doing too much is the biggest mistake you can make when creating your online offer. 

When you create an offer that has too much information, it doesn’t solve a targeted problem for a specific audience member. 

What does this end up doing for them and for you?

It’s kind of like walking into a gym, looking at all of the machines, and then doing one round of every single exercise. Doing so doesn’t serve as a targeted solution, burns you out, and turns you off from ever going back- leading you to cancel your membership.

But when you walk into the gym with a simple plan of what you are going to focus on that day and only do that, you begin to see results, feel more confident and invest in yourself more through another simple workout plan, or even a personal trainer. You continue to go back.

When you create an offer for too many people, it becomes more challenging to sell.

When you create an offer for too many people, it becomes even more challenging to sell. 

Whether you have too many ideal client avatars, are speaking to too many types of people in your offer marketing, or even have too many “who’s this for?” on your offer sales page, that hinders your offer (no matter how amazing your offer is!)

Creating for a lot of ideal clients may feel like the safer marketing option, and you may even try to sell it as, “great for anyone trying to (fill in the solution you offer.)”

But what this actually does is lead your audience to ask if your offer is really right for them. 

The wider the net the more room for ambiguity.

Now that you know what “too much” can get you, it’s time to niche down your messaging.

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