How To Use Ambiguity To Your Advantage

Ambiguity. It Can Sound Like A Scary Word.

Afterall, the first formal definition of ambiguity is doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention. And the second? An unclear, indefinite, or equivocal word, expression, meaning, etc.
Experiencing ambiguity means experiencing uncertainty, a lack of clarity and an inability to create a plan for the future. And how does experiencing these emotions initially leave you feeling as a driven business owner? Frustrated, anxious and sometimes even removed.

But The Truth About Ambiguity No One Tells You?

Ambiguity does not have to be your worst nightmare as a business owner. Sure, you can make the argument that the presence of ambiguity means the absence of a future clarity and a current strategic plan. Absolutely, it can either be your worst enemy that you avoid at all costs.

But ambiguity also has the potential to be your best friend that pushes you to do more; both personally and professionally. With the presence of ambiguity also comes the presence of unlimited opportunity. Because when nothing is certain, everything is possible. 

With ambiguity present, you can create anything, do anything and make any pivots you are wanting to make. And some would say that that is the best opportunity you could ever be given.

So 3 Actions You Can Take When Ambiguity Is Present?

Ask “What If?” Instead of worrying, play the “what if” game by yourself. When ambiguity is present, it is the biggest opportunity to create anything you could ever imagine. So, take time to reflect, get creative and conceptualize new ideas. 

Create A Brief Strategy. So many times, we can delay our own development in an attempt to make everything perfect. In an attempt to create the perfect business plan, marketing strategy, or launch plan. And where all of those things are incredibly important for your success, we can delay ourselves by attempting to reach perfection. So, rather than setting out to create the perfect plan, allocate a set amount of time to create a brief strategy to take immediate action on. 

Don’t Pause. Pivot. When ambiguity is present, it’s important to remember to pivot- not pause. Just as stated in all of the points above, it is crucial that you continue to keep moving through things rather than getting stuck within the ambiguity. The only way to know if any of the ideas & strategies you’ve worked to create from the exercises above will be a success is if you pivot into them. 

Do you know a business owner who is attempting to make a pivot out of ambiguity right now? If “yes” share this blog post to remind them to lean into- not away from- the unknown.

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