How To Stand Out In The Over-Saturated Online Space

The Most Important Fact To Remember If Your Industry Is Highly Saturated?

You have an upperhand. 

Despite all of the competition in your industry. Despite the other educators who have been in the online space longer. Despite the limiting beliefs that are telling you, “Who do you think you are to take your offline business online?” You have an upperhand. 


Because, the truth is, a majority of your competition is falling into the trap of sharing the same, general information. And what happens when they share the same general educational information (especially if they’re doing so in the same format?) 

They blend into the industry noise of general information. Because, even though there is great intention, there lacks unique & personalized execution of their educational material. 

Meanwhile, you have several unique strengths that- when played- separate you from the competition. So what exactly are those unique strengths?

#1 You Fill A Unique Gap In Your Industry

Your competition is simply rinsing & repeating the same information. And while they do that, you know that the one thing you need to lean into to have success is a gap. You have to fill a gap in your industry in order to stand out from the noise.

And first, this gap must be unique enough for you to be known for. But second, it also must be  common enough that a large sum of people in your industry are also experiencing it. 

Why is it crucial to fill a unique gap in your industry? 

Because this is what allows you to…

You have a unique specialty that only you can offer. 

You have a unique intellect that only you can teach others. 

You have a unique solution to fill a gap in your industry that only you have. 

You have a unique genius that only you can lean into.

#2 You Deliver Information In A Retainable Way

Okay, stick with me on this one. 

While you were growing up and in school, did you have teachers that were easier to learn from compared to others? 

Seriously, take a moment to think back to high school. And think back to why some teachers were easier to learn from compared to others (even when tackling more challenging topics.)

Most likely, these teachers were easier to learn & retain new curriculum from because of their personality & delivery.

And the same is true when you are educating in the online space. You have the opportunity to be the educator that delivers your curriculum in a retainable way. You have the opportunity to be the educator that is the easiest to learn from in your industry. 

How? By not teaching in a sterile way, but instead, a digestible way that also integrates your personality into your education style!

#3 You Have A Highly-Skilled Launch Team To Support

And of course, the final strength that sets you apart from your competition is that you have a team to support you.

When creating an online offer, most professionals outsource the individual parts of the project to freelancers such as producers, editors, copywriters and sales funnel creators. But individually outsourcing all of these tasks to all of these individuals leads to you having to manage an entire team and project. 

And, can we be honest with each other? You and I both know that, even though you can manage it all doesn’t mean you should manage it all. 

Which is where my team and I come in! We are here to support and make sure you have every aspect of your offer managed from ideation & creation to launch. 

So, through the new year, our doors are open for Launch Accelerator triage calls! These are strategic 15-minute calls built to define the tangible & actionable next steps needed to successfully create & launch your online offer!

Availability for these calls is limited, so click here to book yours today!

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