How To Package Your Genius Into An Online Offer

“I Have Years Of Experience, But I’m Not Sure How To Organize That Into An Online Offer”

If you’re an offline professional itching to enter the online space currently experiencing this too, you’re not alone! 

For years, offline professionals have come to my team & I and expressed the same exact feeling.

You know the importance of digitizing your genius. You know the importance of developing an online presence – especially in this age.

You know that you have more than enough knowledge and expertise to contribute to your industry in the online space. 

But although you know you have all of the expertise needed and that it is possible to create an offer, you still feel unsure.

Unsure of exactly how to package your genius into an in-demand, profitable offer. And unsure of everything that’s required to do so. After all, with all of the offer formats in the digital space, it can be extremely overwhelming to decide which is the most fitting for your offer.

So, if you’re feeling like you’re in that exact position right now, I want to take the guesswork out of formatting your offer and lift the lid on the 2 most popular online offer formats amongst professionals new to the online space:

Passive Evergreen Programs

Passive Evergreen Programs are “one and done” offers. 

This means that you build everything needed within the offer including the content, the tech & community support once and then fully automate it. This allows the same customer experience for every client who invests in your offer.

All in all, from the initial content creation to continuous nurturing of your customer, it is all fully automated before your offer even launches.

Monthly Membership Programs

Monthly Membership Programs are “build & scale” programs. 

Within Monthly Membership Programs, you are regularly adding new content to your offer. In addition to adding new content, you’ll also be allocating time to serve inside of your offer live on a weekly or monthly basis.

All in all, this offer is best for offline business owners that are ready to step into a position of authority in the online space & create a community for their speciality.

Are You Ready To Craft Your Genius Into An Online Offer With One Of These 2 Offer Formats In 2022?

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