How To Gain A Competitive Edge Through Self-Education

The 1 Lesson My Dad Taught Me At A Young Age?

Being raised by my parents- two refugees that fled to the United States from war-torn Cambodia to pursue the American Dream- taught me so many valuable lessons growing up. 

But the lesson that has had the most lasting impact?

That Self-Education Is The Key To Rise Above Any Current Circumstances.

Ever since I can remember, my dad has been adamant that self-education is the key to rise above any current circumstances. Self-education is what will help you unlock better & wiser versions of yourself. Self-education is what will teach you how to take ownership for & control over your own destiny. 

No matter what level of education you currently have or have the potential to obtain. 

The one controllable that you can actively contribute to further developing daily is your level of self-education.

Self-Education Is The Biggest Factor That Will Set You Apart For 2 Reasons:

Firstly, self-education will set you apart from your competition because it displays your hunger to continue to learn more. It shows that you are constantly craving to expand both your knowledge and skill sets. It shows that you are ready, willing and able to diversify your education.

Secondly, self-education will set you apart from your competition because it displays humility. Self-education shows that you are always willing to be a student in every area of life. It shows that you are never too good for or too above anyone, any institution or any task.

How Has This Lesson Come Full-Circle In Entrepreneurship?

When my dad taught me this, I had no clue that it would play such an influential role in business. 

I had no clue that, decades later, we would be in a world where so many professionals would be self-educated self-starters. Where so many would have a craving to go out and learn more by themselves. Where professionals would invest in offers created by other professionals to learn more; rather than go back to school to gain more education.

And finally, I really had no clue that I would be teaching others how to create their offers. And then also supporting them in the process of transforming their idea into an online offer that others can learn from! 

Over the past few years, self-education has gone from being another way to learn to the way to learn.

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