How Niching Down Increases Your Offer Performance

Why Only Solve One Problem In Your Online Offer?

If you’re a well-established professional, it’s safe to say that you can solve a lot of problems for a lot of people.

After all, you have years of experience that you’ve learned crucial lessons from. And on top of experience, you also have studied your specialty and obtained a massive amount of knowledge within it!

If we really step back and look at all that you know, you could teach on a majority of topics within your specialty. So why create an offer that is purely built to solve one problem – rather than creating a crash course that covers everything within your specialty?

Because Humans Can Only Handle One Change At A Time.

If you look at any behavioral study, you’ll see one thing. 

No matter how high of a performer a person is- they can really only make and maintain one change at a time. The one example I love to give? New Year’s Resolutions.

There are really two camps of New Year’s Resolutioners. Either, you fall into the camp that makes a massively long list of changes they want to make that year, or the camp that picks one massive change in each category of their life. 

The Resolutioners that make the massively long list often experience overwhelm when looking at everything they’ve set out to do. And that overwhelm leads them to be inconsistent across the board- because there are too many factors to be consistent on. And like the saying goes, “If everything is a priority, nothing is.” 

Meanwhile, the Resolutioners that choose one massive change in each category of their life experience more success. Why? Because they have one thing to focus and stay consistent on. They are not overwhelmed, they don’t spin their wheels, and they are more likely to see those massive changes through because there is one priority- one change.

And this thought process isn’t exclusive to New Year’s Resolutions. It rings true for every change wanting to be made. 

So, What Does This Mean For Your Offer?

This means that, no matter how much you know…

And no matter how much you know that you can help someone else solve all of their problems…

You need to niche in. 

You need to create an offer that promises one, clear, massive change instead of 1 million different little ones.

Need A Little More Convincing?

Now, if you’re sitting, reading this blog post right now saying, “but Destinee, I have my niche of the person I help & what I help them with at large – isn’t that niche enough? Why do I have to choose one, specific problem for my offer?” you’re not alone in feeling that way. 

So many professionals that bring their offline careers online have the same exact thought process. But the reason your offer needs to solve one specific niche problem for your ideal client?

Because consumers purchase for specific needs and occasions. 

Meaning that, if you create an offer with the intent to solve too many problems for too many types of people, you’ll end up with these 2 outcomes: 

You won’t be speaking to your ideal client that you intended on creating your offer for. And in addition to that inability to speak to one person, you’ll fall into the white noise of industry saturation. Meaning that, ultimately, you won’t be able to make as big of an impact as you are longing to.

So, Are You Ready To Niche In?

If “yes” my team and I are here to support!

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