3 Ways An Online Offer Develops Your Authority In The Virtual Space

“Destinee, I’ve been in my industry for years. How EXACTLY will creating an online offer further grow my authority?”

If you’re thinking of moving into the online space and find a question like this one keeping you up at night, you are not the only one!

After all, you’ve worked your entire professional life to build the career you have. 

You’ve developed authority in your industry in the real world. 

Well, when starting in the online space, it’s important to remember this one thing:

You’re not starting from zero, you’re just building in a new, virtual space.

Your authority, your skillset, your knowledge- everything you bring to the table can be translated and scaled in the online space.

So how does creating an online offer scale your authority in the online space?

3 reasons online offers scale your authority as a business owner

1. Having an online offer shows that you can package your specialty into a high-demand, targeted solution for a problem.

2. Having an online offer also shows that you can continue to pivot and stay relevant in an ever-changing world (online and in reality.)

3. Lastly, having an online offer takes you from just a business owner to an educator in your specialty- a thought leader- an authority figure.

Ready to develop authority in the online space with an online offer?

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