3 Simple Steps To Find Your Niche Online

FACT: You don’t need to be a marketing expert to know your niche in the online space. 

If you’re eager to tap into the online space with your first online offer, but are unsure of exactly what speciality-level information you’d provide and who you’d provide it to, the place you need to start with is your NICHE. 

You probably hear the word thrown around all of the time…

“Your niche is the most important part of your business.”

“You need to stay within your niched speciality.”

“You need to provide a solution to a niched problem”

But how do you actually define your niche in the online space?

Defining your niche is just like refining any other idea in your business. Once you’ve roughly identified your niche, continuing to refine, clarify, and specify becomes easier and easier to do! What does roughly identifying it look like? 

First, you need to identify the person you help.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Identify The Person You Help

Who is my ideal client? 

What industry is my ideal client in? 

What are some of their main character traits? 

How old are they? 

What sets them apart from everyone else that I could be creating an online offer for? 

Next, you need to identify the problem you solve.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Identify The Problem You Solve

What problems does the person I help face?

What problems of theirs do I have the ability to solve with the knowledge I have?

What is the one problem I want to solve with this offer?

Lastly, you need to identify the promise of what you provide them.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Identify The Promise You Provide

What one problem does my online offer solve?

What does the person I help gain from having that problem solved?

Knowing that, what is the tangible solution my online offer provides for the person I help and the problem they have?

Once you’ve answered all of these questions, you’ll have an entire concept of the person you help, the problem you solve & the promise you give (AKA your niche) more refined. From there, you craft a tangible niche that you can use as a springboard for creating your online offer!

Did this provide clarity for you and the online offer you’re eager to create? If “yes” then your next step is to get started in conceptualizing an online offer to add to your business!

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