3 Ways to Qualify Your Incoming Leads

When starting a business or making the transition from an in-person practice to an online business, many entrepreneurs focus on one key component: leads.

It is imperative that you develop and hone a system for gaining leads consistently in order to sustain and grow a business. A question that tends to be top-of-mind for many people is, “How do I make sure this person is a qualified prospect that will actually invest in me and my program?”

There are several ways to ensure that your audience members are aligned with what you will be offering.


First, when someone joins your email list, we want to make sure they don’t forget about you and that you stay relevant in their mind. We make this happen by communicating regularly with them. What you do with each individual once they join your list is equally as important as getting them on your list.

Check in regularly and stay consistent with your email marketing schedule. You want to be reaching out with valuable content weekly, rather than just jumping into their inbox when you have something to sell them. This builds trust within your audience and allows you to demonstrate your expertise repeatedly, before actually pitching them on your online course or program.


Next, we want to encourage your audience to take “micro-actions,” meaning you ask them to complete small tasks to continue learning from you. These micro-actions can include joining your Facebook group, following you on Instagram, taking part in your active lead-building event, and so on.

By asking your audience to take micro-actions, you are empowering them to say, “Yes! I do want to continue learning from you.” You are simultaneously warming them up and qualifying them as someone who is truly interested in the transformation you provide.


Lastly, it is crucial to be aware of the data involved in the pre-launch phase. Are your audience members opening your emails? Are they clicking through and taking those micro-actions? These components will inform your decisions, so you are confident in knowing what your audience will respond to and engage with.

By staying relevant to your audience, demonstrating your value, and encouraging them to take micro-actions, you are allowing them to demonstrate that they have the pain point your course or program will solve. In doing this, you are qualifying them as someone who trusts you, values the information you share, and will be ready to invest in your life-changing course or program when the time comes to launch.

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