Treating Your Business as a Growth Path + Key Launch Milestones

Treating Your Business as a Growth Path + Key Launch Milestones

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Mindset is some of the most important work you can do as an entrepreneur. Throughout every stage of business that we go through, new blocks and fears show up for us. We worry about putting out ads, have doubts about showing our face, and compare ourselves to others in our field.

Continuing to do the inner work will help you to stay focused, keep going, and expand in your digital business and in life. Consider this episode an invitation for you to take a look at how you’re feeling in the current stage you’re in! As you listen, think about how your entrepreneurial journey has been a growth path for you.

Topics I explore:

  • Treating your business as a growth and evolutionary path
  • The myth of the overnight success
  • The rewards of organic posting and consistency 
  • Important launch milestones to keep in mind as you plan your next launch

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Treating Your Business as a Growth Path + Key Launch Milestones

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