Identifying Hidden Opportunities Inside Your Existing Business


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Today’s episode is all about identifying the hidden opportunities inside your existing business. Yes, even if you’ve never taught online before! There are a few key questions to ask yourself such as, who are your current customers and clients that you can be monetizing with a course? How can you take what’s already working inside your business and convert that into a powerful and profitable online course?

I’ll show you where to look in your current business to help guide you towards planning your next digital offer. Chances are, if you are an existing professional, you have a larger client base to launch to than you realize! 

Topics I explore:

  • Revenue opportunities that can be quickly unlocked into a new offer
  • Taking a close look at the transformation you’re guiding your clients through
  • Do virtual events need to be priced lower than in-person retreats or workshops?
  • When a beta launch is useful

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Destinee Berman created Make The Shift podcast with you and your unique online marketing and course business in mind. There is no one else who can do what you do. You are the modern teacher and entrepreneur, the instructor and guide who changes lives through your specialty. Whether it’s time to make the shift from offline to online or move from one-to-one to -one-to-many, this podcast will give you the roadmap you need to break free from traditional roles, create a new path, and reprogram the beliefs that keep you stuck. 

With interviews, clear action plans, and Destinee’s industry secrets revealed, each episode can help you carve out your own path in order to grow and scale your life’s work with digital programs. The world needs what you have to offer. Are you ready to make the shift?

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