Growing Your Email List with Passive and Active Lead Builders


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If you are building your business from the ground up, you will likely need advertising campaigns to bring people into your email list, with the goal of growing your email list. These ads need to lead to something that will immediately catch the attention of your potential customers. Offering the right kind of content is key and a great way to encourage customers to engage with you.

The method I have developed combines a passive lead builder with an active lead builder. Both of these lead builders highlight a specific struggle and present a micro-solution to that problem. Overall, they teach to a topic that corresponds to your upcoming course or program. In this episode, you will hear my tips on implementing these strategies. You’ll also hear me coach an early online business owner through her questions of how to narrow down her audience and brainstorm topics for a possible lead builder.

Topics I explore:

  • Understanding what a passive lead builder is and why it should be a PDF
  • The purpose of a content webinar and whether or not to sell when you host one
  • Tracking benchmark metrics to follow conversion rates and use the numbers to grow and set goals

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