Online Course Question: Picking the Topic of Your New Online Course

When it comes to selecting the topic of your online course, or getting clear on what online course you want to launch, do you feel stuck and blocked? That’s okay because this is a common challenge – it’s totally normal. And in fact, all the programs that I’ve helped launch except for one, happened to be completely brand new programs. It’s why one of my clients calls me, “The Launch Midwife.”

It’s okay if you don’t know what course or what program it is that you want to launch, even if you feel like you should. Step number one is just take out the you should, because you don’t need to know. The good news is you’re a lot closer than you realize. Especially if you’re already in business and you’re already teaching – you already have content. I’m going to give you three exercises today to help you have a creative brainstorming session. And with that you can take those next steps towards crystallizing your online offer. Let’s go into the three exercises for you today so you can get unstuck in terms of what your online offer will be and what is it you’re moving into launching.

What Are You Known For?

That Informs Your Online Course Topic

Question number one is whether you’re working one-on-one with clients, whether you’re transitioning into a new career or you’ve been teaching for years or decades, what is it you are known for today? For some of you, you may be known for many things – so what is it you’re most known for inside your community, inside your client base, inside the people you’ve been working with in group and workshop settings? Because most likely, what you’re known for is going to be the most straight forward, familiar transition into an online programming format (online school and online course) because you’re already known for that. Even though it may seem weird or not clear to you in terms of how to translate what you’re teaching in the live format or even one on one over to online, it can be done.

I’ve helped hundreds of students and clients on this, so just know it can be done. Again, what is it you’re most known for today? You want to write down two or three ideas around that.

What Are You Most Passionate About?

Another Hint for Your Online Course Topic!

Number two, if someone were to pull you onto a webinar right now and say, “Look, you have to teach for the next 30 to 45 minutes,” what will you teach them? What topic really lights you up, that you could teach for the next 30 to 45 minutes – if someone literally gave you a 30 minute heads up, and you just have to outline – what would you teach that you would be proud of and be excited about for the next 30 to 45 minutes over a live webinar?

What is Your Pitch?

Exercise number three is actually from one of my business mentors and books that I have studied in my previous world of the business to business software space. I still read and go back to the these books even though I’m not selling in the same way I used to work with marketing sects at software companies. You are going to grow revenue through their modern marketing techniques, but there is a framework here that I really love to use. What it boils down to is a elevator pitch for how you want to communicate about what you do and how you help.

This is going to tie to your online course offer because you’re helping your people in so many different formats and so many different ways. My invitation to you on this exercise, is to think about your potential, to imagine your potential online offer and to plug it into this framework. You know how some people have this problem and we have this solution and/or benefit.

Example Pitch

In my example it would be, some business owners have hit a plateau in their business because they can’t lead any more live events. They’re maxed out in their one-on-one client base, and they want to be able to grow without burning out. My business offers a solution where I help business owners like yourself take their content and be able to launch it using my Skinny Launch™ Method, to do it profitably and to do it well in the next 90 days. That’s the framework:

If you were to launch an online offer today or tomorrow and you were to use this framework, how will you help people? And what is it you would do?

This is going to take some of imagination and creativity but I do believe you’ll find this helpful.

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