3 Steps to Launch Your First Online Offer

As a conscious entrepreneur, transformational expert, educator, or personal growth leader, the idea of launching your first online offer can be overwhelming. 

Your work is deeply personal, and you truly love working with people one-to-one, in person. So, how exactly will you capture the same magic and offer the same transformation when teaching virtually? 

I’m on a mission to take you out of perfection paralysis and help you take action today, so you can impact more people and scale your business through online courses and programs. I’ll share three practices to ground you so you can move forward and make your first online course or program a reality! 


Take a moment, close your eyes, and consider: what do you want to be different today in your business? 

Is it the freedom to add additional revenue streams, without adding more one-on-one clients to your practices’ schedule? 

Is it to impact hundreds — or even thousands — more individuals who can experience a massive transformation by working with you? 

Is it to be able to teach and guide despite your location, so you can be location independent and travel or work with people all over the world? 

This is the first step towards understanding your “why” for taking your work online and creating a valuable, transformative offer. Whether you are a transformational life coach, a yoga teacher hoping to offer online yoga sessions, or a personal growth leader ready to spread your message, you have to identify why you are embarking on this online course creation process. 


Now that you’ve established your vision, the next step is to map out what it will look like to take action towards making this a reality. Sit down with your notebook and pen and consider: what can you accomplish in the next ninety days that will fill you up and be in alignment with bringing your online course or program to fruition? 

This doesn’t have to be a plan for launching the online course itself. This can be as simple as committing to doing one livestream per week to get yourself out there and allow people to learn more about your expertise. It could be mapping out your course topic, or developing a free webinar to build your email list. 


So, you’ve decided what you want to be different within your business in 2021. You’ve mapped out a ninety day plan and you know what you want to work on to bring you closer to that ultimate goal of launching an online course, school or program. Now, what?

You have to take action! This step will help you get out of the perpetual “planning” stage and allow you to take small steps towards making this transition from in-person to online happen. 

The first step towards holding yourself accountable and actually moving forward with the ninety day plan you’ve outlined is to put it on your calendar. 

Doing a livestream once a week to get your content out into the online world? Schedule it! Planning a webinar to build your email list and bring more people into your corner of the internet? Schedule it! 

Set a date, and if appropriate, give yourself milestone deadlines as well. For example, if you’re going to map out your course outline by the end of the month, give yourself a deadline for mapping out module one, module two, module three, and so on to stay on track. Sometimes, breaking it up into bite-sized tasks allows us to take action more easily. 

Then, beyond simply putting it on the calendar, let someone in your circle know that you are committed to doing whatever it is you’ve mapped out. Ask this person to check in with you periodically, so you hold yourself accountable for getting it done! 

By putting this commitment into your external space, you’re allowing yourself to realize it. 


I come across so many business owners who are interested in taking the next step to go online, but they feel paralyzed and unsure of what to do next. I invite you to follow these three steps this week to really start making this 2021 goal a reality. 

Ultimately, the key to launching your first online offer — whether that is a digital course, an online program, or your very own school — is to simply start. Once you’ve launched once, you can continue to make adjustments and learn more as you go. This is only possible, though, if you take action now! 

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