How To Overcome Self Doubt and Build Confidence In Your Expertise

As a leader in your industry, you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with others. Shifting to an online course model lets you connect with people and present that information on a much grander scale. But knowing how to overcome self doubt and build confidence in yourself, especially when shifting into a new business model, is a challenge in itself. 

Most of us wait to make big life decisions and career changes until we feel ready. But the truth is that, in our personal and professional lives, waiting until we’re 100% ready to do something just holds us back from reaching our fullest potential. 

Fear distracts us from moving forward in new directions and taking steps toward a future that’s fully aligned with our goals. To become a successful online entrepreneur and share your knowledge with the world, you need to know how to overcome self doubt. 

With the right mindset shifts, you’ll be able to transition your expertise to the online world, connect at a deeper level, and avoid feelings of overwhelm and fear. 

How To Overcome Self Doubt and Build Confidence In Your Expertise | Destinee Berman

How To Overcome Self Doubt

Let’s face it — self-doubt is a natural part of growth. When you make shifts in your career and leap into new types of work, you’re going to experience anxiety and fear. It’s normal! But knowing that it’s something we all go through is soothing in itself. 

If you’re wondering how to overcome self-doubt, try these strategies. You’ll notice a huge difference in the way you feel about shifting your business model and launching your first online course!

It’s Okay To Not Feel Ready

So many of us struggle with not wanting to take action until we feel truly ready. Underneath that desire to feel ready is a desire to produce something perfect. 

As a professional who’s made incredible strides in your niche, you don’t want to make a transition and have it be anything less than perfect. So readiness isn’t really about a fear of making a change—it’s a fear of being flawed in something new

When it comes to shifting your expertise online and launching a digital program, the truth is that you’re never going to feel 100% ready. 

So what can you do to get started even if you don’t feel ready? Acknowledge that making the shift in itself is something to be proud of. After all, just like in anything else, you can only grow once you’ve taken the first step towards a goal.

Everyone worries at some point about being ready for something different. Even professionals who have launched multiple seven-figure online courses experience that fear when they’re getting ready for something new! 

Just know that your expertise has a place in the digital world. But util you get started, you won’t be able to grow and perfect your skills. That’s why you need to leap before you feel ready! 

Know That Your Results Don’t Reflect Your Skill

One huge part of learning how to overcome self doubt is separating yourself from your results

When something doesn’t go as perfectly as we anticipated, we have a tendency to blame ourselves. We start to question our skill, ability, and worthiness. This is what prompts that crippling sense of self-doubt to arise. 

But every launch won’t be the same. Every new step you take is going to come with its own challenges. And it’s absolutely okay if what you’re experiencing isn’t as great as you imagined. 

When you learn to separate yourself from the results, you can focus on action without fear. 

Avoid Procrastinating Out Of Fear

When self-doubt creeps in, many of us freeze. We don’t take any steps forward and end up procrastinating out of fear. 

If you’re feeling unsure of yourself and what comes next, you might just avoid taking action at all. But to build your confidence, you have to take action! 

Even if it’s something small, like doing research on course platforms or setting up a social media account, you need small wins to build your confidence over time. 

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Try To Create Micro-Wins and Micro-Results For Yourself

When you’re learning how to overcome self doubt, you need to focus on micro-wins and micro-results. Don’t expect huge wins immediately (although those may happen, too). Take small, consistent steps and expect small, consistent results. 

As you experience those small wins, you’re going to start to build your confidence. You’ll feel better about what you have to offer and about shifting to a digital space. 

In an online business model, wins and results tend to happen in a domino effect. And when you shift your focus to looking for small wins, you’ll start to see them everywhere. 

Find Community Support Or Mentorship

One-on-one mentorship or community support helps you overcome self doubt by providing a space to ask questions, invest in education, and form genuine connections. 

You don’t have to navigate an overwhelming change by yourself. Transforming your expertise into digital education content is so much easier when you have support

That’s why I’ve developed an approach that takes what you know, your innate specialty, and puts it into an online format to create new income. My technique allows you to add multiple levels to your offers and provides a way for you to produce a signature course, a core offer, and a self-study option for your audience. When you create a program stack with several levels, you can transform the educational market in your niche! 

Commit To One Action Item When You’re Feeling Self Doubt

This last step in learning how to overcome self doubt involves making consistent commitments toward growth. 

Taking even one step toward your goal helps you stay committed and build confidence slowly. Remember: small steps lead to big results. 

Learning how to overcome self doubt isn’t impossible. With small, consistent effort, mindset shifts, and support, you can successfully shift your expertise to an online course model. 

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