Success Stories

Ashley Turner

Yoga Psychology Teacher Training

Program Description

YPTT is a brand new, innovative teacher training, fusing depth psychology with yogic principles. Level 1 consists of 6 online modules. Level 2 includes the online program + a 300 hour live teacher training in Venice, CA.

Program investment

$2,000 Level 1 (online training)
$6,000 Level 2 (six modules live training)

Launch overview

The first yoga teacher training of its kind to launch with a parallel online-only version. The result is a diverse student body, attracting yoga teachers, therapists and personal growth enthusiasts and a program that combines the rich elements of a live yoga teacher training training with the reach of an online product.

Debra Silverman

Applied Astrology

Program Description

Applied Astrology synthesizes and simplifies the ancient wisdom of astrology, making it applicable for the modern student or aspiring professional. Levels 1 + 2 are fully online and scalable, while Level 3 incorporates live training for students who wish to become professional astrologers and become certified.

Program Investment

$1000 Level 1 (six weeks online)
$2000 Level 2 (twelve weeks online)
$7000 Level 3 (hybrid online + live apprenticeship)

Launch Overview

Prior to this program, Debra did not yet teach online. After multiple successful launches within 18 months - including a complete re-brand of her digital identity, the Applied Astrology community and school has grown to include hundreds of students from around the world.

Sianna Sherman + Ashley Turner

Urban Priestess

Program Description

Urban Priestess Modern Day Mystery School is the first priestess training of its kind, where participants from all over the world explore 12 key areas of life, corresponding to the lunar cycles. This 12 month hybrid training includes recorded content combined with live mentoring calls

Program Investment

$1997 Level 1 Online Only

Launch Overview

The first-ever launch of the Urban Priestess program was a runaway success for both Ashley + Sianna. It generated massive momentum and growth, allowing both of them to tap into a new market niches - beyond a teacher training curriculum.

Ashley Leavy

Crystal Healing Certification Program

Program Description:

Love & Light's Crystal Healing program is the world’s leading accredited crystal healing program, certifying heart-centered healers and energy workers – at both the hobbyist and professional level.

Program Investment:

$1000 Option 1
$2000 Option 2 (includes marketing mentorship)

Launch Overview:

Prior to working together, the Crystal Healing program was priced conservatively, and stand-alone class options made for a fragmented student body. After grouping the program into one comprehensive curriculum, adding higher tiered pricing + expanding the marketing strategy, we executed a launch 5x the size of previous launches.

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