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What Destinee's clients and students have to say:

I now have a multiple seven-figure online astrology business serving thousands of students around the world.

Debra Silverman, Celebrity Astrologist, Psychotherapist

My retreat sold out in ONE day and I launched three new online programs - all sold out. Thank you Destinee & Team.

Kim Chestney, Internationally-published Author | Intuition Teacher

Because of Destinee's guidance and support, I experienced a 10% increase in sales!

Dawn Hall, Crystal Teacher and Metaphysical Store Owner 

We enrolled more than 600 students in my Yoga.Psyche.Soul™ online program and brought in 1.2M in 3 years.

Ashley Turner, Founder of Yoga.Psyche.Soul™

I have never seen time and time again, launch after launch so many incredible results. The ROI I see on Destinee's strategy is something like I’ve never seen before. It just keeps happening.

Tara Zirker, Founder of Successful Ads Club 

I joined your program to actually find a method to reach more people, to share my knowledge with more. What I received from the training and your guidance was more than I expected ...everything was truly compassionate.

Claudia Zimmerman, Thai Massage Therapist & Dance Facilitator

I went from 3 clients to 40 clients in ONE year. Destinee and her team have been extraordinarily helpful. 

...I highly recommend just getting in there and just starting.

Nicole Doherty, Women’s Empowerment Coach & Trama-Informed Emotional Healer

I got 26 sign-ups (in my first launch) and now I feel confident in doing other launches - I feel like I can launch anything.

This really gave me the momentum to be on this path that I wanted to be on. 

Kathleen Pizzello, Heart Mindset & Business Coach

Siggy Reuter

I generated more revenue in Q1 2019 than I did all of 2018, thanks to Destinee and her team! 

- Siggy 

My retreat sold out in ONE day and I launched three new online programs - all sold out. Thank you Destinee & Team! 


I have successfully launched my program 3 times in 18 months and am blown away. I grew my income even though I took last year off completely from teaching live trainings! 


I've successfully launched 3 times with 75, 170 and 250 new students! And I filled my live retreats 5 months early.


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