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Grow Your Email List to Create and Sell Online Courses

There are 4 main ways to grow your email list to create and sell online courses. I’m sure you’ve heard it before and if you haven’t, I’m going to say it again. The money is in your email list especially as it relates to selling online courses.

No matter where you’re at, you always want to be thinking about gathering people around you. You want to create an online community space and that also means having their email address on your list. It’s very important to continue to nurture and to engage with your list – your community – and to always be focusing on how you’re growing this important community.

What Size List Do You Need to Create and Sell Online Courses?

There’s something I want to say about the size of the list. You know it’s important to have a growing list size of course, but it’s more wanting to have a quality email list of people who want to hear from you. They’re interested in what you have to say, they want to open your emails and sometimes they’re responding to your emails, giving you valuable feedback, comments and questions.

It’s better to have 3,000 people on your email list that are engaged, than 6,000 people who don’t really care if they’re on your list not. And it’s better to have a 20,000 email list than a 40,000 email list if those 20,000 are people who want to be around you.

With that said, you want to continue growing your community so that you have consistent, strong online course launches. Having a strong engaged list is a key part of that (you might get sick of me saying it, but it’s true!). Now, I want to talk about a few proven ways to pull people in.

Lead Magnets and Online Courses

One way to build your list is by using something we call lead magnets or content magnets. This is a piece of free content that you put out there in exchange for an email address. The kind of content you put out there is very important because that determines the kind of people you’re pulling in.

For example, if you’re a yoga teacher, a PDF or short video on breaking down a pose or even a guided meditation, is all relevant content for what you may be offering when you create and sell your online courses. That’s a great piece of free content.

Another good option could be a PDF outlining steps on holding sacred space or breaking down a mantra. Or if you’re an intuitive, teaching giving someone a couple of key steps to develop and cultivate their intuition. The key is that you are offering a free piece of content that is something your audience or community wants and relates to your online course content.

Webinars on the Road to Creating Online Courses

Another powerful way to build your list are webinars. I love webinars because essentially they’re free online workshops. You can have paid webinars but the ones I’m talking about are free and they can be a mini class on a particular topic. Webinars are a great way to build your list because you’re giving them 30 to 45 minutes of valuable content and you can interact with your audience with a really strong Q&A session at the end. That gives your students or potential students a chance to ask questions and get to know you better.

Facebook Live Streams as a List Building Tool

Another proven and strong way are with Facebook live streams. They’re great because it’s casual, it’s straightforward and you jump on, you have a following on Facebook, you teach, and you deliver content on your particular area. You can re-target those people later to get them on your list (more about that in another blog post!) And on your Facebook live stream, you can also include a link to your website or optin page to capture their email. Again, this is also free content.

Waiting… For a Online Course..

Finally, something that I love for course launches is having a course wait list. This means you’re not giving away content upfront for free, you’re asking them to join their wait list if they are interested in your upcoming online course. Give us some information about the course and then ask them to join the priority list if they’re interested. Essentially what you’re asking is for them to raise their hand saying, “I’m interested in this topic and I’m interested in potentially studying this topic with you.”

To recap, these are the four different ways of building email lists that I have seen work well with online course launches

  • Lead magnets
  • Webinars
  • Facebook live streams
  • A course wait list

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