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Digital Marketing – Content is Still King

Digital marketing…. are you wondering why many marketers often say, “Content is king,”?

You take a closer look at them and they’re influencers and YouTubers and bloggers, and you’re wondering… is it even worth it for me to be another content creator? Because I help experts, teachers and content creators bring their work online so they can scale their income and their impact for good, I often get asked this question.

Digital Marketing Today

As teachers and business owners diving into this digital marketing territory, one of the first things that they learn is that you need to create free content, PDF freebies and lead magnets so that you can be successful with marketing to your people. Especially if you’re looking to launch online courses and programs. Here are my tips for you:

Make Your Digital Footprint Outstanding

Number one, absolutely, in this day and age of content, we are bombarded by videos, by blogs, and all kinds of different content and videos at YouTube. There’s never been so much content out there!

Here’s the thing. Research shows time and time again that 70 to 80% of the people will ‘Google‘ a brand or a company even before they consider buying from them. The internet has made insane amounts of information accessible to everyone, so even before they make a serious considered purchase, they’re going to research you in a bunch of different ways:

  • They’re going to track down your reviews.
  • They are going to try to understand your background, your product, your service.
  • They are going to read your blog posts, watch your podcasts and more.

All this information is now available online.

If you don’t have an online presence beyond a website (which in the past, having just a website was sufficient), it’s going to slow down your growth. If you want to start teaching people online and building online communities, you must, must, must put out engaging, meaningful, valuable content so that people can start to learn from you and to be exposed to what is it you’re doing. Absolutely necessary!

Promotion Helps Your Content Reach More Eyes

Number two, if you’re like many of the students and the clients that I work with, you want your content to be intentional and purposeful. Maybe you’re feeling frustrated that you’re putting out this content, and it feels like no one new is watching. You’re getting 10 views, 40 views – what’s the point? If you’re putting out content and there’s no promotion plan and there’s no entry points into that content, you’re right. Only the same people will see it time and time again.

However, if you want to move beyond a referral based, solely word-of-mouth business, you have to put out content and follow that up with a promotion plan so that new people are engaging with you. That’s how you can successfully move beyond your core community. Everything starts with creating the content. And every piece of content needs a promotion plan tied to it.

To sum up, content is STILL king and every piece of content builds into your total online presence. If you don’t put out content, you’re not giving people the chance to get to know you and to engage with you, which is ultimately how you build your audience and in turn, your business. As long as you follow that up with a promotion plan, you will have fresh people entering your community.

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