Immerse Yourself in Wisdom From Industry Leaders and Business Owners...

Own Your Calling Summit Speakers included: 

Colette Baron-Reid Founder, Oracle School  


Seane Corn Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder of Off the Mat, Into the World 


Sandra Chuma Multimedia Journalist & Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker


Gina Gomez Business Strategist & Advisor


Ashley Turner, LMFT Founder, Yoga.Psyche.Soul™  

Jennifer Grace Hay House Author and Transformational Coach 

Elizabeth Rider Hay House Author, Nutritionist, Health Coach  

Kirsten Stendevad Founder of Illumina International Leadership Academy & Upcoming Author

Jean-Christophe Gabler & Sophie Parienti Founders, Yogi Times 

Rebecca Gordon Founder, My Path Astrology School

Tara Zirker Founder, Successful Ads Club 

Barbara Huson Owner, Wealth Coach & Author  


Michaela Boehm Intimacy & Sexuality Expert  

4 Days... 13 Inspiring Speakers... 1 Mission...

Join the Own Your Calling Summit & Begin to... 

  • Cultivate the courage to build a thriving business around your skills and gifts.  
  • Step out of the closet when it comes to owning your voice, worth & power - regardless of what the collective and conventional wisdom has to say about it.  
  • Have the "identity" conversation and what it means to you and your business.  
  • Make the leap into the unknown to create a life that reflects who we are at the deepest level.  
  • Understand how entrepreneurship is a deep spiritual journey, and can be our deepest calling and highest path.  
  • Get clear on YOUR definition of success: business, financial, and life and how that has impacted business & day-to-day decisions.  
  • Know when it's the right time to move into online courses (and why the migration to online is necessary to the mission of your business). 

Honor Your Highest Path. 

Meet Your Host, Destinee Berman

Destinee Berman is a digital marketer who specializes in helping experts, teachers and coaches launch digital courses and schools to scale both their income and impact for good.  

In the last 5 years, she has managed 70+ launches, generating 6 to 7 figures in revenue per year in topics ranging from astrology and oracle cards, to yoga teacher trainings, mindfulness, and more.  

Collectively, Destinee and her clients have generated multiple seven figures in revenue – and still growing – with tens of thousands of students enrolled around the world.