MODULE 1: Your Soul-Centered Vision

Module 1: Your Soul Centered Vision:

This week we will look at how to turn your Soul-Centered Vision into a Soul-Centered Launch. 

In the next 5 video lessons and slides, you will:

  • Get clear on the Who’s, What’s, Why’s + How’s of your vision and step into your online universe
  • Face your fears with self-confidence and compassion + learn how focusing on progress (not perfection) will keep you rooted in your purpose as you move forward
  • Be guided through my Transformational Launch Model and learn my key elements to a profitable launch
  • Dive deep into each launch model to help you choose the model that is right for you and your vision
  • Get even more intimate with Who you are, What you offer, and Who you serve…and  begin to build your soul-centered marketing foundation 

*See each video lesson and lesson slides in the sections below in this module.