Want to scale your life's work and grow your audience without burning out? This is THE program that will show you how to do it — with a personalized launch strategy to get you there.

The Launch Accelerator Immersion

If you are you an established business owner, educator, practitioner, or facilitator who wants to profitably scale your business by bringing your life-changing work online...

This program will deeply support you if:

  • You’ve hit a plateau or know you’re ready to scale
  • You need to replace existing income and add a new revenue stream to your business with digital offerings — and you’re ready to put in the effort to make it happen
  • You are ready to commit to taking action and are serious about your growth

  • You want to leverage your existing content and expertise to accelerate your growth
  • You’ve tried to DIY your own launches, but quickly realized that personal mentoring can make all the difference between a five figure and six-figure launch
  • You hold a greater vision to expand and diversify your work so that you can create great income, freedom and flexibility

This program is *not* for you if:

  • You’re not prepared to commit to a four-figure investment in the tools and learning that will support your long-term success 
  • You believe you can move your business forward on your own, without additional strategic support
  • You don’t have an audience (offline or online) that is engaged and willing to learn from you
  • You’re not motivated to take action to work towards BIG results  
  • You don’t have clarity about how you want to help others and make a difference right now
  • You’re not convinced that bringing your content online is the next crucial step to scale your work

In The Launch Accelerator Immersion, you’ll receive:


You know you’ve hit a plateau in your business but you also know that you can package up your years of success and expertise into an offer that can impact more people.

This program gives you a step-by-step path to profitably build, deliver and scale the online education business of your dreams.


When we rise, we get there faster with the support of like-minded women who understand our unique challenges and can help us problem-solve faster... in our fully supported, learning environment.

This program gives you access to a group of women positioned to grow and thrive


With a proven track record of results for our students, you can expect to step into the right mindset with impactful strategies to profitably launch.

This program supports your vision with tangible strategies to activate it.


We know that every business and offer is different, which is why you have 1:1 access to Destinee and her laser-focused strategic mind on your business.

This program helps you walk away with a new revenue model and a personalized, specific launch strategy to make it happen.

You are uniquely positioned to serve your audience intentionally and step into your higher purpose, right now — and we no longer have the luxury of waiting to figure

If these goals have been in alignment with your business vision for some time, this is your opportunity to finally activate it.

If your intuition is saying YES — then we’d love to extend a personal invitation to speak with our launch specialists for a LAUNCH CONSULT CALL.

What you’ll get:

  • A Course Creation Mini-Training (valued at $47) – you can use this training to understand the tangible next steps towards crafting your digital course offering!
  • A customized launch strategy — our top launch strategists will review your current business model and map out the best launch strategy for you based on your unique strengths, talents and opportunities. 
  • An analysis of your current revenue model — we’ll help you discover revenue opportunities that you’re most likely missing out on, because you’re too close to it!

We know that doing business in a new way can be exciting — and overwhelming, too! That’s why we believe offering this launch consult call is an important first step towards understanding the tangible steps you need to step into strategic growth, diversify your revenue and launch your offer with crystal-clear clarity.


A personal note from your launch strategist, Destinee Berman

Destinee Berman

In the last 5 years, I’ve led 70+ online course launches, generating 15.2M in revenue in both mainstream and niche markets, ranging from astrology and oracle cards to yoga training, relationship coaching, and more... 

And by booking your launch consult call, you’ll take the first step toward becoming yet another one of these success stories. 

My mission is to help you take your life’s work online and create the freedom, power and income you desire — and right now, that includes stepping into greater courage and confidence to activate the vision you’ve held for years so you can serve the audience that needs you most  

That’s why the launch specialists on my personal team will look at your business and see where your area of greatest opportunity is on your consult call — what type of launch is right for you, what your greatest strengths and assets are, what works best for this type of business and what you want to avoid doing, for free.

We want to support you in taking intentional action, because we know it’s YOUR time to accelerate your growth and reclaim your time.

Are you ready to build a growing community, increase your revenue and expand your impact — strategically and holistically?

My team would be honored to speak with you and guide you forward.

With gratitude,

The Launch Accelerator is the only program designed to help transformational experts, course creators, educators, leaders, healers, and practitioners bring their true life's work online without complicated tech, compromising their message, or fear-based marketing that feels pushy.

Since we deep dive into your business and craft a custom launch strategy on our consult calls, we have limited opportunities available to speak with our team. 

If you’re an established business owner who feels called to launch a profitable online education platform through a holistic lens, this opportunity is for you.