How To Overcome the Fear of Visibility Online

Launching an online course, program or school is an excellent way to scale a business as an expert, educator, speaker or practitioner, but making the transition from your in-person practice to the online space can be overwhelming at times.

It is very common for business owners to say that they want to grow, and that is a wonderful impulse to have; however, expanding your audience online may expose the fear of visibility within you.

For example, if you currently have twelve students in your in-person studio and you decide to launch an online program, you may quickly have fifty total students. Energetically, you have more than doubled your responsibility. Your emotions can have a massive impact on your launch, and can potentially cause you to hesitate taking action.

Because this is a brand new obstacle to overcome, it may be difficult to find the right solution for combatting the emotions that come with launching.


I recommend taking the time to acknowledge that you are going through a major transformation within your business, and it is normal to have fear around scaling.

It is truly so important to be mindful of everything you are feeling, and take the time to check-in with yourself periodically. What limiting beliefs might you be experiencing? Are you feeling hesitation in any way?

Some level of uncomfort is certainly warranted, but be conscious of the stories you are telling yourself. Are you creating a false reality out of the fear of visibility?

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