Time-stamping on the Bonus Class and QA on How to Fill Your Live Retreats

Timestamping available here on the BONUS Class – How to Fill Your Live Retreats

Feb 28, 2019

31:01  Brooke 

>>Destinee, What are your thoughts about making a little video that goes over the retreat in detail  (so it would need to be longer) on the landing page,to lessen the need for “Booking a Call” which takes up a lot of time…Maybe the need for both however that is a lot of heavy lifting (with editing, etc)

33:58 Chantal 

>>what’s the best way to collect testimonials?

35:00 Marni 

>>what are the most effective bonuses for the Open Cart period for a retreat?


>>What kind of bonuses would you give out for a yoga teacher training program?

36:02 Susan

>>My retreat is open to registration through the venue, so no open and closed cart. What’s best to help advertise this?

37:05 Brooke 

>>Can you explain what group mentoring would look like? Webinar? FB Live? With a pre topic or open Q+A?

37:40 Marni 

>>How long do you recommend the Open Cart period for a live retreat?  I’ve seen 3-4 weeks — i.e. longer than for a live course.

38:34 Annelise 

question around emails – I have close to 6,000 people on email list but lately only 500-600 open emails. do you have tips on how to get more opens?


>>I feel like it happened maybe 18 months ago and was pretty sudden. I wonder if some of it is filtering of inboxes…

41:40 Brooke 

>> If I have 2 retreats back to back in 5 months, already opened for registration (with a bit of content nurturing via email/sm but not a ton) and just learning about this open/close cart savviness, what to do?? Any advice?

43:10 Susan 

Have had a newsletter for years, half open it. How to clean up and resegment? How to segment after the fact when some are colleagues looking for support and other women looking for general support? Don’t want to send things to everyone but be more specific.

44:22 Brooke 

Some questions yes. Have not done a bonus or webinar. I DO book a call but we had that “email for questions” and so will get rid of that, thanks

45:40 Chantal

>>what online scheduler do you recommend?

45:58 Brooke 

>>So to reach with solo emails via these retreats, best to do to my whole list or only folks interested in this topic?

46:35 Marni 

Re: scheduling and blocking out the afternoons to book calls (from Sales Page): given 4-6 mos nurture: when and how often, and for how long to schedule these call blocks?

47:59 Susan

had a small retreat of 9, then zoom check-in, 7 participated. Asked if they would like to get together again and am planning a coaching program. one person didn’t like the time but sent out a doodle and it was general day and time picked. Lots of time to figure out the best time for everyone. Should I just go ahead and plan the coaching program that was best for most? Or go back and try to get consensus again?

49:43 Marni

For an international retreat, would you open cart 6 mos in advance?