Here’s Why I Love Offering Free Content

Free Content Marketing


Consumers love it. Spiritual leaders looking to launch their first online program … well, it sounds like a risky move.

A common concern among many of my clients is how much free content is too much free content and whether it will compromise potential new students and clients enrolling in their paid program.

My response? Don’t worry about it.

Over the past three years, I’ve supported countless clients with launching online platforms in yoga, astrology, metaphysics, and mindfulness — adding multiple six and seven figure revenue streams to their businesses each year — and I’ve advised each one of those mind and body rockstars to offer free content.

I’m willing to bet that like them, you have so much magic to offer that there’s no way you’ll give it all away for free. Years of practice and experience have prepared you as an expert in your field, with more knowledge and enthusiasm for your craft than you know what to do with. Use that to your advantage!

Here are three reasons why giving away more free content can help you serve and earn bigger.

Free content shows people who you are and what you have to offer.

Let’s say you’ve had your eye on a new meditation app, but you’re not quite sure if you want to pay $19.99 a month when you could continue using a free version. The only way to tell if it’s a worthy investment is to try it before you buy it. The same mindset can be applied when thinking about your mind, body, or spiritual program.

When students enroll in a paid course they are looking for a closed curriculum, a safe space, and other students that they can connect with on their journey. Give them a taste of what you have to offer with bite-sized takeaways and mini versions of your paid program.

The key is to share enough free content so that people feel like they are gaining valuable lessons and takeaways, but still want to learn more.

Free content presents you as an industry expert.

With Google at our fingertips, most people do a little research before making major live investments. Your online program is no different.

Offer webinars, weekly Facebook lives, and blog posts to position yourself as a trusted expert in your field. This will allow you to develop a relationship with your target audience and affords you a bit of accountability in the field. The more value you give your work, the more people will see you as a leader.

Free content is free marketing.

Have you read my blog post on traffic [link to post]? If so you’ll remember that organic traffic, or free exposure, is an ideal strategy for entrepreneurs who are just starting out or have small marketing budgets.

Free webinars, blog posts, and videos are a chance to share your knowledge and expertise with more people around the globe – all while creating more space and freedom in your own life. A win, win!

A good rule of thumb with free content is to give away the who, what, and why, but to charge for the how. To put that in perspective, use free content to start conversations, engage your audience, and ultimately warm them up for the decision to enroll. Think about it as taking people on a journey so that they’ll be prepared to take the next step — enrollment — by the time you open your course.

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