Does this sound like you?

You’re a successful business owner who knows that launching an online program is the next step to grow and scale your business (and you want to get there fast)... 

Or you’ve launched an online course before with some results but you want to accelerate that growth (and you’re ready for some expertise to help make that process easier)...

But you feel STUCK trying to figure out exactly what your digital offer should be?

NOW IS THE TIME for you to activate your vision  

This upcoming webinar will help YOU get clear on:

--> what your PROFITABLE online offer looks like while leveraging content and assets you’ve already created 

--> where you can most deeply impact your online community by identifying your ideal audience (it’s not who you think it is!)

--> the first and next steps you should take to launch your successful online program with fast, time-saving and PROVEN results

In this FREE training, you’ll get crystal-clear on:

  • How you can amplify your business content online or accelerate the growth of your next course launch— and how to seamlessly package your expertise
  • How to reach your *people* — so you know exactly where you can impact your community the most
  • The steps you can take to launch your online programand how to save time and get there faster
  • The powerful results my students and clients have achieved when they took the leap (and P.S. you’re next!)

You’ll *love* this training if…

  • You’re an established business owner who wants to grow your reach and income (without burning out) by adding another revenue stream to your business 
  • You’ve launched online courses before and are now ready to have professional help while you scale your launches to six and seven figures in order to reach more people
  • You’re a 1:1 coach new to launching online courses and want guidance from a trusted expert who will motivate you to take your first key step to birthing your program
  • You want to discover how you can SAVE TIME and GET RESULTS through a customized approach (and with an entire expert team at your fingertips!)

Meet your guide to course creating clarity, Destinee.

Destinee Berman is a modern marketer, host of Own Your Calling Summit, and a seven figure launch strategist for experts and educators in the personal growth and spiritual self-help markets. With 15 years of marketing experience in Silicon Valley with clients like Twitter, HP and Microsoft -- Destinee left to step into her own calling in 2014.

In the last 5 years, she has led 75+ online course launches, generating $16.4M in revenue in both mainstream and niche markets, ranging from astrology and oracle cards to yoga training, relationship coaching, and more... 

Her mission is helping experts multiply their impact and income through the power and scale of digital courses. 

And by attending this webinar, you’ll take the first step toward becoming yet another one of these success stories.  

Are you ready to build a growing community and expand your impact — strategically and intentionally?

Here’s to helping you help *more* people, one program at a time!

With gratitude,


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