Project Management: Asana Template for a Basic Launch

Project  Management: Asana Template for a Basic Launch

Here is a template for you to use within one of our favorite project management tools, Asana. 

Here is how to use the template: 

1.  Sign up for your own Asana account or Click Up account (see below)

2.  Go here to check out the workspace (and let us know at so we can ensure you have access)

Asana Basic Launch Workspace


Using Click Up

1. sign up for Click Up

2. Go to settings -> import/export: 


3. Import this from asana

asana import.png

4. now you’ll have the full template and all the subtask details and notes and it will be 100% private to you. 

Using an app like Click Up ( ) to copy the Asana Basic Launch project tasks to your own project, will allow you to then customize for your launch. 

**You will have 48 hours access to export the template**