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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your Online Program

Launching an online program is a valuable opportunity to grow your impact and income in a way that feels truly sustainable. Whether you’ve been working with clients for months, years, or even decades, bringing your program online can help you connect with more people who are ready to awaken in consciousness.

You have the passion, you have the knowledge, but the third piece of the puzzle is understanding what to do — and not do — when going digital with your program. No matter how inspiring your life’s work is, you can only serve bigger if you know how to reach the people who seek it.

Here are three of the biggest mistakes that prevent entrepreneurs from a successful launch and how you can avoid them.

Mistake #1: Putting Your Programs Up to Buy Anytime

A key component of a successful online program is creating a launch schedule. The pre-launch period should typically be 3 months, followed by a 12-14 day enrollment period when people are invited to register for your course.

A common mistake that many new entrepreneurs make is offering the program for too long with too little promotion. They share a link to the program on their website and treat it like a live event when instead there should be a specific enrollment period with a set deadline.

I like to compare an online program launch to a movie launch. A director spends months creating the film, then several more months promoting the film to generate buzz, before featuring the work in theatres for a few weeks. Similarly, as a healer, spiritual teacher or intuitive arts professional, you should spend several months building urgency and anticipation around your life’s work so that when registration opens, people are excited to embark on their journey with you.

Mistake #2: Discounting

Over the past 3 years, I’ve generated multiple seven figures across all of my launches in the spiritual, mind-body market. How you may ask? By making the conscious decision not to discount.

The primary focus of your launch should be the value of your service and how it will help to improve the lives and wellbeing of your clients. This means having a value conversation instead of a pricing conversation. It means using deadlines, not discounts, to create urgency and spur action.

Instead, offer potential new clients a bonus that is relevant to your services and can support them on their journey before or after the paid course. This can be something like a free online course or workshop that adds to your program’s value without subtracting from your revenue.

While on the topic of cost, it is important to note that pricing your work can be one of the trickiest parts of launching an online course. My suggestion is to choose a price point within your niche market and stick to it. Whether it’s $499, $799, or $20k, the price should be a set amount that is reflective of your service and the result it will have on your students’ lives.

Mistake #3: Only Mailing Your List When You Have Something to Sell

It’s important to remember that people are on your mailing list for a reason — they are interested in how you can help them transform their lives. The more you engage and nurture your audience, the easier it will be for your tribe to recognize that your work is for them.

Sharing valuable, education-based content once a week, or a minimum of every other week will demonstrate to your online followers that you’re an expert in your space and the right person to help them achieve their mind and body goals.

For example, if you’re an astrologer, set the record straight on how astrology is so much more than just your sun sign. If you’re a yoga teacher, offer useful tips for teaching asana and mudra practices. If you’re a relationship coach, get real on how you tackle some of the common issues plaguing modern marriages.

By presenting yourself as a trustworthy and authentic source of information, you are providing people with the confidence to choose you when they decide to embark on their journey of personal growth. Ultimately, it’s not about selling but about serving.

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